Modern Application Development with Rails

Using Hotwire, Turbo, Tailwind, and more

Learn how to build modern web applications without writing any JavaScript using Rails. Instant page updates, inline editing, streaming updates: All possible without writing a single line of JavaScript. No Node JS required.


Highly interactive. Incredibly simple.

Build interfaces that update in multiple places and stay in sync using only a few lines of Ruby.

Add items to your cart...

$10.00 Delicious cake
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$25.00 Analog clock
$95.00 Modern computer
turbo_stream.update("count", count)
turbo_stream.update("subtotal", new_subtotal)
turbo_stream.update("cart", partial: "cart", )

Async loading. Inline editing. Streaming updates.

Load content in the background. Toggle forms to edit content directly on the page and stream any changes to thousands of sessions. Still no need to write any JavaScript and we can avoid Redis by using Postgres.


Easy to follow

I learned so much from this course!


Best purchase I've ever made

This is the best purchase I've ever made. Well worth it!


A joy to use

The combination of Rails, Hotwire, and Tailwind makes this a joy to use.

// Receives broadcasts from the model...
// ...
turbo_stream.update("review_1", partial: "review")

Some of what we'll cover

  • How to use Import maps and skip Node
  • Creating a fully featured authentication system
  • Interactively loading content into Turbo frames
  • Submitting forms with Turbo
  • Using Turbo to make instant changes on a page
  • Asynchronously loading dynamic content in the background
  • Inline editing of content on a page without reloading
  • Broadcasting live updates to thousands of sessions using Turbo Streams
  • Making DOM modifications in multiple places with a single request
  • Doing it all without writing a single line of JavaScript
We'll do all this and more in under two hours.

Hi, I'm Justin Palmer.

Previously, I was a Designer and Principal Engineer at GitHub. Before that, I was Shopify's first Designer. I've been working on the web since 1998 and have used Rails since its early days. I love Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript (this site uses Svelte!), but after taking a hiatus from Rails I found myself missing the productivity and joy I was able to acheive with it.

Is this course for you?

If you've used Rails in the past, but find yourself getting frustrated with frameworks like React, Vue, NextJS, etc., and miss the productivity of Rails, or if you currently use Rails, but want to learn how to use the new features in Rails 7.x, this course is for you.

This course assumes you have an understanding of the fundamentals of Rails and are comfortable working within the provided tooling.